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Lesley Gault Professional Organiser
Tel 07702 005914

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Lesley Gault
Hello, I’m Lesley Gault

If your home is cluttered and you are looking
for help to restore some calm or order,
you’ve come to the right person!
Why Declutter for Calm ?

A decluttered and streamlined home environment can:

  • be transformative
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • increase wellbeing
  • bring a new sense of calm
  • make you feel you have regained control
  • give you more time for others
  • give you more time for you!

Lesley with client
If you’re ready for some help to take back control, to experience the triumph that comes from having decluttered your home and restored some balance in your life, I have a range of services to support you.
For more details, click on the Service that best matches your needs:
How I can help you
My background in counselling and psychotherapy has given me invaluable insight into the psychological challenges we wrestle with when it comes to letting go of possessions.
Over time, I have worked with a variety of clients and discovered a passion for helping people like you to declutter their homes and their lives.
From a single room to a whole house, from a specific challenge to a broader need to declutter, whatever level of support you are looking for, and however clear or confused you are feeling about how and where to start, let me help you find the solutions you need.
A safe pair of hands
How does the thought of decluttering or getting more organised make you feel?
Nervous? Anxious? Terrified? Stressed? Confused? Overwhelmed? Alone?
All these emotions are normal. I will be the safe pair of hands you need, bringing calm, warmth, empathy and respect as I work closely with you to declutter the parts of your home or life you’d like to tackle.  
I am there every step of the way, to help you plan and set up processes and strategies.
And I’ll be there for as long as you need that support, whether it’s simply during the decluttering process, or whether you would like to continue to have regular support or return visits.
My service can be face-to-face or online on Zoom if this works best for you.
Contact me at or call me on 07702 005914


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