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Are you ready to declutter?
“I have been meaning to contact you for a very long time”, is a comment often said by my clients.  I’m not surprised to hear this at all, as it takes courage to invite someone to your cluttered home, when all you imagine is that they will judge you,  as it is a barrier to getting help. While I don’t judge and I’m empathic, that first step can feel monumental.  

We hear so much on TV about decluttering and hoarding behaviours - real people trying to go about their lives, living in chaotic situations. These programmes raise our awareness to the problems and dilibating circumstances that too much clutter can cause.  However, in real life it’s not so simple, as we don’t have access to a team of people, a redecoration and a home upgrade  on offer, skips and a deep clean, to name but a few things.
I wonder about the oversimplification seen on TV and what it really means to take on the task of decluttering and organising your home.  The question asked by my clients is, “how long will it take”.  A reasonable question and yet my answer, “well that all depends on how things are for you”, might sound a bit avoidant and inadaquate. This is because it’s not simple, because you will have invested a great deal of emotional attachment into both your home and possessions and your relationship with this will have personal meaning to you. There will understandably be feelings cluttered in your mind, as well as conflicts about letting possessions go. Often, with longstanding needs to declutter can be loss or trauma in the background.

My question to you is, “are you ready”? I believe there is a place for the preparation to declutter your home.  You will need to allow yourself time, space and finance to give to this activity.  It’s important to know what your needs are but also your expectations, especially of yourself. Are they high or just right or you don’t know?TV programmes often demonstrate the idea that your home can be perfect when finished but is that what you are looking for, can you keep it up and can this put you off even trying!?

Client’s that I meet want to declutter for many reasons.  There is no one size fits all, as the client's needs are different. What is important for them is that I listen,  and understand what is important to them, go at their pace and help them with decisions and solutions.  Someone to be there, coaching, supporting and helping my clients to feel personally involved, accountable and proud of their achievements.  It’s very empowering and improves your life and wellbeing.   I just love the work I do!  Decluttering and organising your home is transformational!

If there are questions that you would like to ask, contact me and we can arrange a chat as a first step.  

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