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About Lesley
Hi. I’m Lesley and I set up my business after working with a friend who wanted to downsize very quickly. This was my first time coordinating, organising and learning first hand the highs and lows of downsizing. This experience led me to set up my business and join APDO (Association of Professional Decluttering and Organising) where I became part of the industry with other Professional Organisers that serves to support industry standards. I continue my professional development with APDO, and ADHD.

My background has been 25 years as a psychotherapist/counsellor, supervisor, teacher and clinical lead. Before this I was involved in procurement and health and fitness. Today, I still love to keep fit in the gym, Zumba, yoga and practice mindfulness. I enjoy reading and chilling out with family and friends. Being a therapist has given me great insight into the psychological aspects of our attachment to our possessions and how hard it can be to let them go. Too much clutter can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. The impact of which can affect our mental health so working with someone who is trained to set up processes and strategies and work with you can make all the difference to success.

I am married and a mother of three grown up children so I know first hand how it feels to juggle home, with all the obligations of life and work. I have an elderly mother whose home I have downsized and helped her to settle into an apartment within a retirement community. I work with all age groups.
I am someone who is an advocate of reaching out for help when you need it but I recognise that this is not always easy, as people are often are afraid of being judged.  With that in mind I would like to add that I am approachable, respect confidentiality about your home and any personal information you impart. I will always do my best to put you at ease and support you where possible. Please contact me by email at or call on 07702 005914

Professional credentials
Member of APDO (UK’s membership for industry standards)
Certificate “working with people with ADHD”
Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance
Qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist
Why Choose Me?

  • I provide a confidential and non-judgemental service that is respectful to your needs and feelings about your home and  possessions.
  • My background and experience means that you can rely upon my respect, integrity, openness and transparency as my core values.
  • I work in a mindful and calm way to help you reach your goals at your pace.
  • What I offer is of good value and I’m committed to the work that undertake, holding in mind the importance of mental health and well-being.
  • I insist on regular breaks and I can make good tea too.

Lesley Gault Professional Organiser
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T 07702 005914
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