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Lesley Gault Professional Organiser
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My Fees
Free consultation available
Free consultation via phone, Whatsapp or Zoom, please contact me by phone, email or enquiry form. Click here for enquiry form.

Decluttering and Organising
Half day (3 hours) £90
Full day (6 hours) £160

If contracted by  the hour the hourly rate is £35.

Travel Costs
I am happy to travel up to 15 miles free of charge. It is not usually a problem for me to travel further afield, but any trip over 15 miles in total may be charged at 45p per mile.

Recycle, Donating and Waste Disposal
I would be pleased to assist you, if required to, to dispose of unwanted items such as clothing and furniture to local charity shops or projects.
Whilst my focus is to recycle wherever possible I can assist you to take waste to the local waste refuse centre.

I may need to use materials such as labels, storage boxes, clothes hangers etc. In some situations the use of materials that I provide may incurr additional charges but you will be advised of this in advance.

Terms and Conditions
Clients of Declutter for Calm are required to accept my terms and conditions prior to anywork being undertaken. You can view my Terms and Conditions by clicking on the button below, and if you wish print them off and return the signed document to me at
Lesley Gault Professional Organiser
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T 07702 005914
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