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How to declutter your life
Decluttered kitchen
Your home is for living so it is imperative that you have a clear identity and purpose for every room. So before you start decluttering or organising you really do need to identify what you need and want to keep.

Storage Spaces
This is probably a good place to start. Maximising space in your airing cupboard, attic, utility room and other rooms that have become a dumping ground for items that you no longer need or use.

Garages and Sheds
Doing something simple like fixing hooks, shelves and maybe just hammering in a nail can create space by enabling you to lift items off the floor. Inexpensive storage boxes are good for patio furniture cushions or wellington boots.

Organise one room at a time and do not move on to another room until you have finished. When emptying a cupboard or a drawer remove your unwanted items and either recycle them or give them to charity. Do not find an alternative storage space such as the garage. Clearly lay out items to make it easy for you to identify what to keep and what not to keep.

We all have wardrobes with rarely worn clothes and stockpiles of tinned or other food items. Where your wardrobe is concerned group your clothes by item and colour.
Separate your work clothes from your casual clothes. Switch to slim hangers rather than those thick plastic ones. Set aside what looks tired, out of fashion or just doesn't fit you any more. If you are not going to wear these items anytime soon then the charity shop beckons.
Audit your larder to ensure that you do not overbuy when you do your grocery shopping. Anything that you have in abundance use it before you buy any more.

There is nothing more frustrating than suddenly realising that you need a screwdriver but can't remember where it is. Set aside a drawer or cupboard where you can keep super glue, tape, tape measure, screwdriver, torch, hammer, picture hooks and any other item that you may need for a bit of DIY. But most importantly return it after you have used it. It is most stressful looking for something that you have forgotten where you left it.
Don't be afraid to label items either separately or by storage box. A good idea is to take photos on your mobile phone in order to help you remember.
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