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Have you collected years of stuff and have had good intentions to slim them down and rationalise but however hard you try, you feel overwhelmed and stuck? Then why not reach out for help?
It’s a thing….. possessions have personal meaning and we are attached to the sentiment and memories that they hold for us, which we then cling to. There is a way of choosing what you keep and what your let go of. Letting go is a process which you can move through when you have the right support available so that you can make change and transform your home and bring a new balance to your life.  
Are you dealing with a loss, divorce or you can’t get out of a muddle? Does your stuff take over and it feels far too much to deal with, you’re on your own,  too busy with family, work, or you have too much responsibility and no available time? I’m here to help.

You don’t have to go it alone feeling overwhelmed - let’s face the challenge together, with you keeping control over your possessions, while increasing your skills of letting go, in your time and at your pace! Let’s work alongside each other so you get as much or as little help as you feel you need.
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Moving, Downsize and Unpacking

Are you thinking about moving? Or planning to retire and want to downsize your home? Has life presented you with a need for a lifestyle and home change? Or have you found yourself confronted with your parents' changing needs and you have to find them a new home or alter their existing one?
Take the first step and reach out for help! I am experienced in moving, downsizing and settling people into their new home. My experience of working with couples and single people, scaling down possessions to fit less rooms and minimal storage will lessen the pressure of what can feel burdensome so you can reach your goal of a new home. I am skilled working with the emotional and physical upheaval that goes hand in hand with such a big move, providing encouragement and support to get the job done.
I work with with the families, trade people and other professionals in a team effort to help the moving process, to reduce/minimise stress and provide support to ease through a smooth transition.
A typical example: Downsizing

I was contacted by Helen (fictitious name)) to help move her parents from a four bedroom family home to a two bedroom apartment for health and well-being reasons.  
Many years of possessions needed to be gone through and items to go were sorted for charity, for family and the rest disposed of. Health remained a focus and during this period personal needs, of the client changed and I adapted my way of working to accommodate.
With sensitivity, care and by changing the pace of working meant the task could be successfully accomplished. I attended their home initially for two mornings a week for five weeks increasing to three mornings for a couple of weeks to be move-ready.
I was part of a team with the outgoing and incoming move and ready for the couple to be able to sleep there that night. Returning the next day and a couple of mornings to finally complete and do a rejig of possessions.
After all, it’s not until you are in your new home, can you be sure of how you want things to be.
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Create More Space & Organise
Do you suffer from the lack of space in your home and you are seeking a change and you are not sure where to start? Or are your drawers and cupboards spilling out onto the floor and building up? Do you feel that you are losing control of your clothes, shoes, collections, books and paperwork which seem to be taking over your home? However hard you try you feel you are not getting anywhere and you need help to find new ways and strategies to sort things out.

Whether you feel your home is filled to the gunnels with stuff or it’s a bit or largely messy and disorganised we feel out of control.  Anxiety can increase and our mental health suffers creating a negative spiral.  Not helped by today's world where we have become collectors of all kinds of stuff which we then carry around us like a convoy. To sort out, simplify and slim down our stuff then becomes a real concern which we need help with.
I will work with you to sort out and organise your stuff. I am experienced at listening and understanding what you are looking for and finding a way forward so that you can get control back and enjoy your home. Finding your potential with you and your home is liberating and empowering.
A typical example: Home
Shelly (fictitious name) reached out to me as she was worried and embarrassed about her home where her stuff had got out of hand.  We worked together for some months to sort and simplify her home where Shelly found relief when she had a place for things and for the first time began to enjoy her home. We found good routines to help her keep on top of things.  While letting go of stuff was challenging we used a process of sifting through and taking notice of her feelings we learned what was important to keep and what she could let go.  Being able to let go is understandably more difficult for some people more than others and requires time, patience and respect.

A typical example: Unpacking and paperwork
Dawn (fictitious name) had moved into a new home and she contacted me to help unpack her belongings and do a further declutter, as she had brought too much with her. In addition, and after several visits, she felt she could trust me to organise some essential paperwork.  I organised and actioned outstanding paperwork and made enquiries for her that were related. She was thrilled I could organise this for her so that she could maintain her independence from her family and to stop worrying.
Regular Support

Are you someone who would find regular home support would help you through a stage in your life, or complete a project and/or learn new ways of managing your home? Regular support can be as little or as much as you feel you need and it could make all the difference to make change. To have someone to check in with you, help with motivation and accountability can improve your confidence and your ability to be on top of things.

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